Azuki NFT Twitter hacked, users led to fraud links


  • Azuki’s Twitter page account was stolen on Friday, January 27th.
  • Malicious tweets were distributed, but they have been deleted now.
  • The investigation into the Twitter security concern is still underway.

On Friday, January 27th, Azuki’s official Twitter account was hacked, and malicious tweets were sent out. They have got their account back now. They tweeted that the team immediately contacted the twitter team and also alarmed the Azuki community.

The fraudulent tweets and links were quickly removed. The inquiry into the Twitter security issue is still active. They value protection, and the Twitter feed was protected with 2FA authentication software.

As a warning, their statements are always broadcast across many platforms. If anyone has any inquiries, they can simply contact the Azuki mod team on Discord.

Within 30 minutes, fraudulent links posing as a “land mint” for the famous Azuki NFT project acquired almost $750,000 in USDC, 11 NFTs, and 3.9 ETH.

Azuki is a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based start-up founded by artists and engineers. Each virtual character that entitles the owner to membership in The Garden, a virtual club. Azuki’s visual style made it an instant success. Azuki is a Web3 trademark that debuted with the release of the Azuki NFTs. Since its debut in early 2022, the collection of 10,000 distinct non-fungible tokens has been a huge hit.