Credit Suisse and Swiss Football Association Team Up for Exclusive Women’s Team NFT Collection


  • Credit Suisse partners with the Swiss Football Association for women’s NFTs.
  • Collection of 756 NFTs to support Swiss women’s national football players.
  • Proceeds from NFT sales are dedicated to women’s teams and youth initiatives.

Credit Suisse, a renowned banking institution, has partnered with the Swiss Football Association to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of supporting the women’s national football team.

This groundbreaking initiative involves the creation of a collection of 756 NFTs, each representing digital artworks depicting Swiss women’s national football players. To ensure seamless infrastructure, Credit Suisse has enlisted the support of Taurus, a digital asset startup backed by the bank.

In a press release, Credit Suisse expressed its excitement about the project, stating, “By implementing the project, Credit Suisse is setting another milestone in the development of the Swiss digital assets market.” All proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be dedicated to the Swiss Women’s National Team and various youth initiatives focused on promoting girls’ football.

Under the terms of the partnership, the Swiss Football Association acts as the issuer and seller of the NFTs, while Credit Suisse, which was recently acquired by Swiss investment bank UBS, oversees the sales process on behalf of the association.

Starting July 11 and continuing until August 31, interested buyers will have the opportunity to purchase these NFTs exclusively through Credit Suisse’s CSX digital banking app. It is important to note that this availability is limited to residents of Switzerland who have a client relationship with the bank.

The NFTs have been categorized into three distinct tiers—Unique, Rare, and Limited—each offering additional benefits such as autographed jerseys or exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with the players.

While payments for the NFTs will only be accepted in Swiss francs and not cryptocurrencies, Credit Suisse has expressed its intention to explore the possibility of incorporating cryptocurrency transactions in the future. At present, buyers are unable to resell or transfer their NFTs outside of the CSX app, but the bank has revealed that it is actively working on incorporating this functionality in due course.

This collaboration between Credit Suisse and the Swiss Football Association represents a significant step forward for the digital asset market in Switzerland. By leveraging the innovative potential of NFTs, the initiative not only supports the women’s national football team but also empowers youth initiatives focused on girls’ football.

With the upcoming availability of these NFTs, fans and collectors will have the opportunity to own unique digital representations of their favorite players, all while contributing to the growth and development of women’s football in Switzerland.