NFTs, crypto, controversial financiers, investors and Goldman Sachs are closely related


  • NFT Ethics has discussed connections between NFTs/crypto, disputed financiers/investors, Goldman Sachs, and leading FIAT frauds and financial misconducts.
  • The ICO of BlockOne is enclosed by unlawful transactions and BlockOne has invested in Northern Data, which is filled with insider trading.
  • The entire network of isolated fraud cases deserve detailed inspection.

Reportedly, there are some pretty serious connections between non-fungible tokens/cryptocurrencies, controversial financiers/investors, Goldman Sachs and certain key FIAT frauds as well as financial scandals during the last years and explaining them by coincidence isn’t possible.

At the end of 2021, RTFKT sale to Nike which was approximately over $1 billion was a massive ROI for the VCs who were involved since their investment was just $8 million. Galaxy Digital from Mike Novogratz was one among the many investors. Meanwhile, his brother works for Candy, an NFT firm.  

A college roommate of Ethereum’s co-founder Joseph Lubin, Novogratz bought 500.000 ETH from Vitalik Buterin for less than $500k. Novogratz, Lubin, Pete Briger of Fortress and Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital are all early entrance into the world of crypto. 

Galaxy lost ample funds when Terra LUNA crashed. However, they made a remarkable profit off of Terra LUNA in the first quarter of 2022, i.e. $355 million similar to Pantera Capital that gained $170 million from Terra LUNA.

At the same time, Peter Thiel sold his entire crypto and made a profit of $1.8 billion besides returning $13 billion to investors. Thiel is associated with Novogratz through investments like BlockOne/Bullish ($9 billion SPAC) and through Christian Angermayer, the controversial investor.

Angermayer is Thiel’s business partner through Elevat3 and is also the business partner of Novogratz with Cryptology Asset Group, which has now been renamed to Samara. In 2012, an article represented the checkered history of Angermayer which involved pump & dump,  unpaid bills and angry investors.

However, nothing changed with Angermayer brokering the deal between Wirecard and Softbank, which is probably among the largest financial frauds till date. Also, he was in direct touch with the key accused Jan Marsalek who had 6 passports and used bitcoins to transfer funds from Dubai to Russia.

The entire ICO of BlockOne is surrounded by illegal transactions though BlockOne invested in Northern Data as well, which is known for being filled with insider trading through Novogratz, Angermayer & Co.

There’s been a decrease by 87% in the stock prices of many IPOs connected with Angermayer. Shareholders of these stocks are either business partners of Angermayer such as actor Marco Beckmann and a kitchen appliance specialist Florian Brand or his entities. 

FTX’s investment in Rejuveron, Angermayer’s pharma firm together with various entities connected with Angermayer such as Korify, Apeiron, Presight and re:Mind. Other than these, there are various other examples too. According to Atai Life, it faced losses worth hundreds of millions. 

Angermayer knows Lars Windhorst, another controversial German, who is a “financier with nine lives” with an even disturbing business career. It is Windhorst who introduced Goldman Sachs to Falcon Private Bank, the same bank involved in the big 1MBD fraud.

Windhorst was in personal contact with Khadem al-Qubaisi, the key accused since 2013, who is in prison for 15 years, according to a KPMG report. Falcon Bank was among the first crypto banks and once it crashed, the executives began working for their partner Bitcoin Suisse.

Dolfin Financial acquired the UK branche. Dolfi’s owner is Roman Joukovski, the financial adviser to oligarchs and Kazakhstan’s President’s family. It was shut down owing to its involvement in a Golden Visa scheme fraud for wealthy Russians, Chinese and more. 

Apart from being the main investor in the crypto Waves Platform by Sasha Ivanov, Dolfin was involved in a fraud case related to Vostok, a crypto platform. 

Michael Daffey became the chairman of Novogratz’s Galaxy in 2021 and got paid around $35 million in the same year. Daffey was high up at Goldman Sachs with several crucial connections and being an early Bitcoin investor, he earned more with bitcoins than at Goldman Sachs.

A lawsuit clears that Daffey/Goldman Sachs was close to Windhorst as well as performed various deals together. As per the records of the exclusive/secretive Beaverbrook golf club, Daffey, Windhorst and other GS executives are all shareholders. 

Windhorst is related to the H2O Asset management crash, Adler fraud and the Ethad Airlines debacle and Goldman Sachs was deeply involved quite often. Also, there are crypto connections. For example, through ADS Securities (ADSS) and Sora Bank/Bank Alpinum.

The Adler case represents a spider web of insider trading as disclosed by Viceroy Research. Furthermore, there are direct connections with 17 Black, a Dubai company firm by Yorgen Fenech, who also happens to be charged with organizing/financing the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese journalist.

Windhorst is ‘billionaire’ Rob Hersov’s business partner. Hersov is big into crypto/non-fungible tokens (and ex Goldman Sachs). He belongs to a wealthy family and has a checkered history. Moreover, he is close with Sanjeev Gupta, the main accused in the Greensill scandal.

Hersov is a long-term business partner of Deltec & Moonstone Bank’s founder Jean Chalopin. Decades ago, they invested in various projects and were part of The NOD, a UK firm and Hersov was the chairman of Deltec Int.

The bank of BitFinex (Tether), Deltec, used to work closely with FTX who was among the largest recipients of Tether. The largest investment of FTX was in Genesis Digital, co-founded by Marco Streng, who is again closely associated with Angermayer.

Streng is BitFinex shareholder Christopher Harborne’s business partner and involved in manipulating documents. Abdumalik Mirakhmedov is among the other founders of Genesis and used to work with BSI, another bank implicated in the 1MDB scandal.

Goldman Sachs bets against their own clients, which they consider “muppets.”

This network of isolated cases of fraud are even connected and worthy of more inspection, which includes the role crypto could have played to clean/siphon off profits from legal firms and pump & dump some stocks.