LVCIDIA announces 5000 NFTs staked in 24 hours after launch


  • FVCKRENDER launched LVCIDIA which is built in Unreal Engine.
  • LVCIDIA announces 5000 NFTs staked since launch.
  • Ohhshiny narrates how FVCKRENDER founded LVCIDIA.

LVCIDIA STAKING is live. LVCIDIA launches its FIRST ERA on Oct 27th at 7 pm ET. 5000 NFTs were staked in 24 hours’ time. This means they staked 30% of all the NFTs that exist in their ecosystem. 

@Fvckrender launched LVCIDIA, a user-generated artistic universe built in Unreal Engine, and according to DIGITAL co-founder OohShiny, it’s the most important thing to happen to digital art since Beeple’s $69,000,000 sale. 

@ohhshiby shares in a Twitter thread that @Fvckrender is an uber-talented artist who has collaborated with Supreme, which was sold at Sotheby’s, he also notched 30m of sales in 2 years, and his iconic futuristic style work has become incredibly sought-after.

2 years ago, @fvckrender had the surreal idea to learn the Unreal Engine to create his own planet. His planet, FV_290b, wasn’t just a 3d artwork, but also a playable experience. It was sold as an NFT-back artwork, and @ohhshiby was lucky enough to be the buyer.

However, for @fvckrender, selling this planet wasn’t just enough.

Since then, @fvckrender has sold 2 collections named Fvck Crystals and Fvck Avatars, and after hosting a series of incredible events, and dropping many hints about his artwork, his larger vision finally came together a couple of days back.

Recently, a mechanism was unveiled to allow works from either collection to become minable. Each artwork will have different resources, which can be spent to generate planets and even stars, ownable as @fvckrenderartworks.

In less than 2 years, @fvckrender has come a long way from teaching himself to create a planet to building a gamified universe. He also shared the backstory of how LVCIDIA came to life in an old tweet.