Satvik Sethi to sell Mastercard resignation letter as NFT


  • Satvik Sethi, the former NFT product lead at Mastercard, has resigned from his position.
  • Sethi left because of abuse, harassment, and poor working conditions.
  • Sethi minted his letter of resignation as an NFT for 0.023 ETH to fund his next phase.

Satvik Sethi has announced his resignation from Mastercard on Twitter. For the last two years, Sethi has served as Mastercard’s NFT product lead. In a multivolume Twitter thread, he stated that he left the company because of harassment, mental anguish, miscommunication, and other poor working conditions.

Satvik moved from New York to London due to the visa issue; his salary got deducted by 40%, and the company increased his workload by 200%. He went through some months where he didn’t receive his salary until he begged the hierarchy. He had to do multiple jobs to cover his expenses while he was working and contributing to Web3

Despite his agreement, he was told by HR that he would have to serve a three-month notice if he did not leave. However, when he stepped down, he was told he would only obtain one month’s salary and no advantages and was compelled to accept it rapidly or risk losing his bonus.

When he attempted to respond and notified them that he had data from his conversations, they trapped and disabled all of my account holders, trying to prevent him from obtaining suggestions he had spent months creating and not even allowing him to bid farewell to his squad, customers, and colleagues.

They may attempt to discredit me or minimize my donations. However, collaborators, clients, and local teams worldwide equate Mastercard and NFTs with him. If anyone in their portfolio has an inquiry about Web3, it is routed to him rather than the CMO or a consultant.

People who want to support him can buy his surrender for 0.023 ETH. His life background from the year he leaped. As a gesture of gratitude, owners will receive an art airstrike in the long term. He’d appreciate retweets too.

Resigning his job at Mastercard also means he has lost his work visa in London. Now, he has decided to live in his hometown, India, until something great comes up. He also shared his pain of separation from his family and friends. 

Now he has joined JoinCircle, where it has 90,000+ signups, 35+ partner communities, and 300,000+ potential users waiting for the ultimate social platform. They have an NFT collection, a platform, and other things in the works. He’s also working on his own art project.