Celebrating its 75th anniversary, PUMA to release “Super PUMA” NFTs


  • “Super PUMA” NFTs to be launched to commemorate the 75th anniversary of PUMA.
  • The designs shall be influenced by the 1970 PUMA comics collection “Super PUMA.”
  • In total, 10,000 NFTs will be in the collection.

The introduction of a full digital makeover and PFP NFT project for their mascot, “Super PUMA,” has been announced by the iconic sports brand PUMA. The new collection introduces cutting-edge technologies and experiences to commemorate the brand’s 75th anniversary.

The 1970s saw the introduction of the Super PUMA comics, which shall have an influence on the collection. Green cat Super Puma is one of them. The NFTs will include references to some of PUMA’s most recognizable designs as well as immersive experiences and highlights of the most significant events in the brand’s 75-year history.

Holders of NFTs will also have access to a variety of new products and services, including comic books, plush toys, and clothes. PUMA’s Web3 community was growing and played a big role in the launch of the new NFT collection, according to its Chief Brand Officer, Adam Petrick.

The collection has a total of 10,000 NFTs. Owners of the Nitro NFT collection will receive an airdrop of 4,000 NFTs in late February. Airdropping of 2000 NFTs to the 10KTF Community. A whitelist will make 4,000 of them accessible to the general public.

The PUMA NFT line is not the company’s first entry into Web3. When PUMA changed its name on Twitter to Puma.eth about a year ago, it generated a lot of media attention. It also debuted its first metaverse experience during NY Fashion Week in September of last year.