Rug Pull Finder falls victim to exploiters  after minting its NFT collection


  • Two scammers have minted 450 NFTs rather than one per wallet.
  • Rug Pull Finder has become the victim to a smart contract exploit.
  • RPF has got their NFT collection back on track.

With an increase in the bad actors who continue to attack the crypto world, auditors and watchdogs have also made their way. 

Rug Pull Finder is among such auditors and is an NFT watchdog who works as investigator of scams to update the community through Twitter.

As per the latest update, it looks like the community hasn’t audited its own protocol prior to minting its personal NFT collection. 

RPF planned to mint Bad Guys, a collection of NFTs that represents NFT scammers. The digital art served like a whitelist for another NFT drop. The minting was meant to be limited to one for each wallet owing to its function like a whitelist.

However, the mint became the target of exploiters who got hands on 450 NFTs among the 1,221 NFTs.

Rug Pull Finder’s team has confessed that it failed to have an independent third party for the audit of the project, which led to the compromised whitelist mint. Thankfully, the exploiters have been approached who have come to an agreement with RPF.

According to the agreement, 366 NFTs will be returned in exchange for 2.5 ETH. 

Though it seems like an advantage, it is neither a hack or scam. They used a technical bug they found and utilized it to make profits.  

No matter this is a major blow to both the project and auditors, it assures that the mint meant for autumn will go as planned. 

RPF has been praised by the community for being transparent and fixing the situation quickly. 

Talking about the remaining 84 NFTs, they will remain with the exploiters only.