GameFi Dragoma falls victim to $3.5M rug pull


  • The Dragoma project has become the victim of a rug pull worth $3.5 million.
  • The funds have been transferred into the centralized exchanges.
  • DMA was listed on the MEXC exchange recently.

According to a report from PeckShieldAlert, the DMA token has declined by 99.7%, which signals towards a rug pull. The social media platform has been deleted while website has been removed.  

Dragoma is a Web3 app based on lifestyle and sports, wherein SocialFi and GameFi elements have been integrated. The token collapsed right after MEXC Global announced keeping the DMA/USDT pair in the Assessment Zone.  

The thieves have moved the stolen money to centralized exchanges, according to PeckShieldAlert. 

In the recent official release of the updated APP V1.1, three major highlights have been highlighted- Dragoma World Kitbash in Unreal Engine, Dragoma NFT Mint and Burning With Matic. 

Ken Graese, creator of Dragoma, has said that metaverse and GameFi track will damage the old game business. He considers Dragoma as a life app in the Web3.0 generation. 

Dragoma will serve as a channel between the real world and the metaverse by pulling apart the boundaries that lie between both the worlds.