Rarible announces partnership with Elixir Game Launcher to support quality Web3 games


  • Rarible and Elixir Game Launcher have announced that they have entered into a partnership to identify and fuel the best quality Web3, fun-first games.
  • The partnership is aimed at offering the best possible launching and distribution tools along with incubation, integration, and a top-notch marketplace.
  • The association will allow the two projects to utilize their ever-increasing synergies to fuel the Web3 gaming space.

In a recent announcement made via the official Twitter handle, it was revealed that Rarible and Elixir Game Launcher have entered into a partnership. As revealed, the collaboration is aimed at identifying and supporting the best quality Web3, fun-first games. 

In addition to this, the partnership is planning to provide these projects with the best quality launch and distribution tools. 

The collaboration of a reputable multichain NFT marketplace with Elixir Game Launcher is certainly a notable development in the NFT space. Both projects, as revealed, are planning to offer incubation, integration, and a top-notch marketplace to the projects. 

Given the successful partnership of the two projects, they will be utilizing their ever-evolving synergies in order to make a significant contribution to the Web3 gaming space. 

The major goal behind the partnership is to utilize complementary sources and potential to facilitate the boost in high adoption of new +AA titles surfacing in the market recently, irrespective of their infrastructure. 

In accordance with the scope of the partnership, Elixir will be bringing the possibility of importing all the NFT collections from Rarible in order to give gamers seamless access to their assets in their favorite games. In addition to this, Elixir is set to enable the Immutable X blockchain integration for in-game assets trading through Metamask and Rarible. 

NFT holders will gain instant access to the games that are intended to enable this functionality. This partnership is aimed at cultivating community growth via two sources; Through both platforms and an ever-evolving range of additional collections. 

What’s more to it? Both Elixir Game Launcher and Rarible will be sharing their network of partners in order to amplify the benefits of each project in marketing, strategic operations, and growth.