Arbitrum now live on OpenSea to create a web3 future


  • OpenSea has announced Arbitrum being officially live.
  • Arbitrum creators are encouraged to connect their OpenSea collections to their Twitter bios.
  • OpenSea envisions to enhance the ecosystem to engage people with NFTs throughout languages, chains, verticals, etc.

Arbitrum is now officially live on OpenSea, as per the latest announcement by the marketplace.

Along with the update, OpenSea has reminded Arbitrum creators who are prepared to have collections on the marketplace to set up creator fees. 

Earlier, the marketplace shared that it will  support layer 2 network Arbitrum. According to OpenSea, this is the very first move towards creating a web3 future, wherein, users have direct access to non-fungible tokens they want on the chains they are interested in. Also, OpenSea will welcome collections such as GMX Blueberry Club, Smolverse and Diamond Pepes. 

The marketplace has opened up to new blockchains since it has integrated with Solana and Polygon

Recently, OpenSea’s competitor Rarible made an announcement regarding integration with Immutable X. Furthermore, OpenSea’s recent additions include migration to the open-source web3 marketplace protocol, Seaport.

 A few days back, OpenSea introduced its newly redesigned homepage. Also, on September 19, the firm shared an update that it is coming up with the latest features to provide a secure, immersive and effortless new drop experience.