OpenSea to support layer 2 network Arbitrum


  • OpenSea will back the Layer 2 scaling network Arbitrum.
  • This marks OpenSea’s first move towards creating a web3 future to offer people access to NFTs of their choice.
  • Recently, Arbitrum upgraded its network to Nitro, a new chain.

OpenSea has announced adding a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum. Now Arbitrum will be a part of the four already available networks which are Polygon, Ethereum, Klaytn and Solana

Leading NFT collections GMX Blueberry Club, Smolverse and Diamond Pepes will be uploaded initially.

According to OpenSea, creators will have to look for their collections in OpenSea followed by setting their creator fees at the time of launch.

The integration has happened at a time when the monthly trading volume on the marketplace has hit levels that were not seen since last summer.

Talking about this month, the figures are in stark as compared to January when they were at all-time highs of $4.8 billion.

LooksRare, Magic Eden, Rarible and SuperRare are other markets that have suffered a comparable cyclic fall. 

Most of the NFTs on Arbitrum are located in small markets like Agora and Stratos.  According to DeFI Llama’s data, the popular collections have made millions of dollars of investments.

The total trading volume of The Seed of Life collection is $11.79 million; whereas, Legions Genesis has made $11.25 million throughout the Treasure and PancakeSwap markets. 

Such a move to integrate collections with OpenSea may experience a rise in volumes. 

Today, Arbtrum will organize a Twitter Spaces at 6 pm UTC to talk about the partnership in detail along with opportunities for collectors and creators that lie on both sides of the chain.