Revuto offers lifetime Netflix and Spotify membership via NFTs


  • The subscription-based NFT is limited to 10,000 users.
  • Buyers would get the NFT and a digital debit card to make the payment for their subscription.
  • Revuto aims to increase subscription-based services while ending unauthorized subscription fees.

With a wish to transform the subscription industry, Revuto, a Web3 subscription and ticketing solution provider has announced releasing a novel subscription model for Spotify and Netflix through the NFT route.

The company will offer a lifetime digital subscription for the streaming services via its Revolution NFT. 

The exclusive subscription model will be available for 10,000 users. Head of business development at Revuto, Dino Ivankovic shared how the subscription-dependent non-fungible tokens work as an ecosystem of their own. 

Approximately 50% of the customers do not use the subscriptions they actually pay for. Using the NFT technology, this could be changed. Users can monetize unused subscriptions via selling or sending them to those who wish to use them. In the future, users may even rent these subscriptions. 

The company has elaborated the details in a blog post.Β 

Users can trade the subscription NFTs on crypto exchanges, a step that will help such NFTs to expand into the secondary market. Upon being sold or sent to another user, the digital debit card of the old user will be canceled and a fresh debit card will be provided to the new owner. 

Revuto is looking forward to launching more subscription-based services using NFT solutions so as to kill the charges associated with the unwanted subscription. 

A special press conference was held to present the Revulution NFTs and explain the campaign. CEO Vedran Vukman, SVP of Strategy and Communications Josipa Majic and COO Boris Juric not only talked about the NFTs but also allowed the audience to ask questions and clear their doubts.Β A few days back, Today NFT News reported how Facebook tested NFT support on selected creator profiles to enable the creators to post digital collectibles on the social platform.