Animoca Brands Japan decides to explore Virtual Assets


  • Animoca Brands Japan has invested in Virtual Arts, Inc. to help it expand in Japan.
  • The DanceFight app by Virtual Arts is the company’s debut offering, and it’s creating a new home for skill-based abilities.
  • Kyoya Okazawa, co-founder of Animoca Brands Japan, said that they are pleased to have the opportunity to invest in Virtual Arts.

To support Virtual Arts’ growth in Japan and to provide content for DanceFight, a dance battle app created by Virtual Arts for the world’s street dance community and featuring bracket-style tournaments, crowd and celebrity judge voting, and more, Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (“Animoca Brands”), has invested in Virtual Arts, Inc.

With its first product, the DanceFight app, Virtual Arts is establishing a new home for skill-based talents. Dancers compete with other legendary dancers in one-on-one contests, leagues, and tournaments while also recording their signature dance movements. 

Dancers will be able to switch into dancing avatars by tapping the “ANIMATE” button in DanceFight in May so they may compete in bracket-style tournaments with audience voting and rewards.

Before now, Animoca Brands funded Virtual Arts. In collaboration with Animoca Brands and Virtual Arts, Animoca Brands Japan will keep up its close relationships with athletes and artists to build a Web3 future where their portfolio firms can adequately acknowledge and compensate these creators.

Co-founder of Animoca Brands Japan, Kyoya Okazawa, stated that they are happy to have the chance to invest in Virtual Arts. This business has already received backing from its parent organization, Animoca Brands. 

He continued,

They will continue to cooperate with their head office to make investments in the Web3 space to support the expansion of businesses supporting the Web3 ecosystem.

The developer of DanceFight, the premier competitive platform for a skill-based, head-to-head video competition, is the venture-backed mobile app startup Virtual Arts Inc. The startup will quickly broaden its scope to include all competition content, including singing, rap, skating, and other action sports, after initially concentrating on dance.

Animoca Brands Japan, established in 2021, is a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd., a well-known international Web3 business, in Japan. To support the international Web3 plans of Japanese intellectual property and content owners, such as major publishers, businesses, education, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game firms, Animoca Branding Japan was founded.