Ducati partners with NFT Pro to sell NFTs on Ripple Enters Web 3.0


  • Ducati enters a partnership with NFT Pro, a white-label NFT solution to sell NFTs on Ripple.
  • The Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer makes its entry into Web 3.0 via Ripple.
  • Ducati’s recent partnership with NFT Pro contributes to the importance of the digital world for the experiences it offers to its fans.

The Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, has recently entered a partnership with the popular NFT platform, NFT Pro. The latest entry into Web3.0 is aimed at selling NFTs on Ripple. 

In accordance with a press release officially shared by Ducati, NFT Pro, the NFT platform is a white-label NFT solution for enterprises. Ducati’s partner in its journey in Web 3.0 via Ripple is popular for helping brands strategize, create, and sell NFTs to consumers, fans, and collectors. 

What adds significantly to the value of this piece of news is that Ducati’s upcoming projects will be deployed on Ripple, one of the most advanced blockchain partners. As per the official revelation, the recent partnership with NFT Pro is just another step towards advancement in the digital world and its experiences. 

The official statement said:

Over the next few months, a series of WEB 3.0 activities will be developed through the creation of new digital aggregation spaces, NFT collections, and opportunities to participate in the new activities typical of the Web 3.0 universe, already relevant in the cryptocurrency community.

NFT Pro mentioned in their tweet via their official Twitter handle that they are proud to partner with Ducati for launching Web 3.0 initiatives. They addressed the pride in getting an opportunity to work with an iconic motorcycle brand like Ducati. 

Ducati is considered a pioneer in integrating new technologies in order to engage, entertain, and nurture the passion of the large community that it has amassed around the world.