Unstoppable.nft announced the launch featuring the Reverse Revolution update


  • Unstoppable.nft has recently announced that they are rolling out the Reverse Revolution update.
  • The update will allow the Unstoppable domain to be displayed in apps instead of random strings of numbers and letters.
  • As an Unstoppable Domain holder, the users will only have to set a primary domain in their Unstoppable Web profile.

In a recent announcement made by the official Twitter handle of Unstoppable.nft, it has been revealed that the Reverse Revolution update is being rolled out. This clearly means that the users’ Unstoppable Domain is going to be displayed in apps instead of those random strings of numbers and letters. 

The tweet further revealed that as an Unstoppable Domain holder, all the users have to do is set a primary domain in their Unstoppable Web profile. Well, users can check out the steps in the elaborated video for the same share in the tweet. 

Alongside this, Sandy Carter’s official Twitter handle, Sandy.blockchain, was also excited to make an announcement related to the launch of Reverse Resolution. It is a new feature that carries the potential to make it easy for apps, games, wallets, and metaverses to show their Unstoppable Web domain in place of your wallet address. 

You can easily figure out the key differences this update will make in terms of clarity and convenience by comparing images of before and after. The recent update is intended to make Web3 more personal with the integration of Reverse Resolution. 

Reverse Resolution will allow users to showcase their identity and make their Web3 and metaverse experience more personal as the users will see their chosen domain name and not the whole wallet address. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that this update will contribute significantly to making it easier to link your on-chain transactions to your Web3 identity. Moreover, users will be able to search for others’ transactions easily. 

Last month, it came to light that Unstoppable Domains turned unicorn following the fundraising round of $65 million at a valuation of $1 billion.