Azuki Web3 anime universe introduces the Azuki Collector’s Profile


  • Azuki has recently introduced Azuki’s Collector Profile, which is a Web3-native showcase for the Azuki universe.
  • This will allow users to earn badges, display their NFTs, and take part in the upcoming drops.
  • The Collector’s Profile will serve as a home for users’ collections where they will be able to view everything that they own, customize their profile, and share it with the world.

In a recent announcement made on its official Twitter handle of Azuki, the Web3 anime universe with over 311K followers on the social media platform, it has been revealed that they are introducing the Azuki Collector’s Profile. 

This Collector’s Profile is a web3 native showcase for the Azuki universe, which will serve as users’ homes for their collection. In addition to this, it should be noted that with the help of the Collector’s Profile, users will be able to view everything on their own, and this will also allow them to customize their profile and share it with the world. 

What adds more to the key takeaways here is the fact that along with being able to set up their profiles, users will be able to grow alongside the Azuki brand with distinct opportunities to interact with the IP, interact with the community, and display their own collection during the process. 

As the Collector’s Profile evolves along with the community and the Azuki story, badges and emblems will be added naturally over time. This additional functionality to the Collector’s Profile will help in the creation of a new experience for holders. 

Addressing the vision of Azuki is to facilitate the creation of a decentralized anime universe along with the community. The user’s profile is the very first step in the creation of a home base for everything that you own in the Azuki universe. 

The users will be required to connect their wallet, and following that, they can get started with the Collector’s Profile.