Opera crypto browser unveils industry-first Web3 wallet selector- MetaMask


  • Ahead of the Ethereum Merge, Opera’s crypto-focused browser (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) develops the user experience to be genuinely Web3-ready.
  • For the most popular third-party wallets, such as Metamask and others, it is introducing seamless support.
  • Opera Crypto Browser provides security safeguards that protect users from phishing and hacker threats in addition to providing many user-friendly wallet options.

Opera Crypto Browser, a Web3-focused browser made to work with a variety of decentralized apps (dApps), now supports third-party wallets like MetaMask.

The upgrade, hailed by the Oslo-based business as “one of the most significant enhancements since its founding,” comes ahead of Ethereum’s anticipated switch from the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to a less energy-intensive proof-of-stake (PoS) model later this week.

The creation of the first Crypto Browser is, in Susie Batt’s words, “a realization of their goals to give the technologies that enable free access to Web3.” Susie Batt is the Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera. 

In addition to opening a portal into Web3, they have also clarified several routine procedures that are natural to the crypto realm but may have previously perplexed the common web user. For both novice and seasoned users, the Opera Crypto Browser is now the greatest, most complete gateway into Web3.

Along with the organization’s standard Web2 browser, the Opera Crypto Browser is a stand-alone browser that was released in January of this year. In addition to having built-in support for dApps and a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, it has a feature called Crypto Corner that gives users access to the most recent market data, prices, key indicators like gas costs and market mood, educational materials, and events calendar.

In addition to offering a variety of wallets that are simple to use, Opera Crypto Browser has security features that shield users from phishing and hacking attacks. Users are prevented from accessing phishing sites that have been banned by the phishing detection feature. 

Users are shielded from dreadful clipboard hacks by the browser’s safe clipboard, which verifies that the wallet address or account number they copied matches the one they are copying.

The Opera Crypto Browser now resolves human-readable wallet handles for YAT, FIO Crypto Handles like Jane@opera, and ENS domains like iamtesting.eth to improve accessibility and make Web3 more enjoyable. With the use of these technologies, users can deal in cryptocurrencies using Handshake domain resolution and wallet addresses that are easy to remember and consist of phrases or even strings of emoji.