Warner Records & Bose Unite to launch NFT partnership with The Stickmen Project


  • Warner Records and popular US audio equipment company Bose have collaborated for an NFT collection.
  • The NFT is named Stickmen Toys and features 5,000 unique, audio-visual and utility-based NFTs.
  • NFT holders can claim a free and limited-edition Bose x Stickmen Toys physical merchandise.

Warner Records UK and Bose have teamed up to enter the Web3 space and create Stickmen Toys, which is a collection of 5,000 one-of-a-kind, utility-enabled, free and audio-visual NFTs.

The move has made Warner Record the only label to provide complete creative and commercial freedom to its collectors via copyright ownership. Having said that, the collectors will enjoy full copyright of the NFT and can commercialize the audio-visual product. 

The collection will include rare Bose-themed Stickmen Toys NFTs which can be redeemed for unique, free and limited edition Stickmen Toys x Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speakers.

Exclusive Stickment Toys x Bose merchandise can be accessed by the Stickmen Toys collectors. 

Seb Simone, Vice President, Audience & Strategy at Warner Records, said NFTs display a robust extension of the artist-to-fan relationship and open up opportunities for the users to invest in an artist’s upcoming success and add value to them.

He further said, being the first label to provide valid and meaningful ownership of the audio-visual copyright is a matter of pride. Also, partnership with Bose is exciting and will add value to the project. 

Jim Mollica, Chief Marketing Officer, said:

We’re delighted to bring one-of-a-kind Bose-themed NFTs to this unique collection with Warner Records and Stickmen Toys.

Bose is obsessed with discovering new and innovative ways to bring the power of sound close to the music lovers.

Stickmen Toys is a unique association with Kapsule, who are known to blend art, music and technology. Moreover, the project is paired with Probably Nothing by Jeremy Fall, the future-thinking Web3 outfit.

Jeremy Fall aims to bridge the gap that lies between Web3 and the billion people who will enter the space. 

Joey Tadiar, Founder of Kapsule, shared that toys have a significant role in people’s lives, which is the major reason behind bringing them into the Web3 space. 

Stickmen Toy’s ownership is all about real life value. Those who are a part of the community will have access to live events, physical collectibles, Stickmen Toys streetwear, worldwide brand collaborations and last but not the least, access to upcoming NFT projects of Warner Records.