BitPay’s Aaron Schneider to speak on WEB3 Demo Day at VaynerX


  • BitPay’s Aaron Schneider to speak at VaynerNFT Event for Web3 Demo Day.
  • The event will be held on Thursday at 10 am.
  • Listeners will be hearing from prominent world leaders about the Web3 creativity and innovations, which can be noticed in the market places, platforms, and everywhere in the world of Finance.

On the occasion of Web3 Demo Day, BitPay’s Aaron Schneider, who is in current partnership with BitPay, will be speaking at the event on Thursday at 10 am ET with the other world’s impactful personalities.  

BitPay shared the news over their official Twitter account about the event with their 377k followers. 

Aliant Payment System-owned BitPay is a bitcoin payment service provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Founded by Tony Gallipi and Stephen Pair in May 2011, it provides services in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processing for the vendors.

The event will be held at VaynerNFT, the most recent VaynerX Project, which was established to aid prominent intellectual property owners in navigating the fantastic Web3 area.

In the official statement, VaynerNFT explained Web3 and talked about the creativity and innovation it is providing to various marketplaces, platforms, the digital world, and Finance.

The hosts of the event will be KrayTrain and OxAllen, along with the assembled lineup of the presenters, as we take a deep dug into the emerging Web3 world from top to bottom.

The Web3 Demo Day streaming will feature the latest from 11:00 am and will be continued till 4:50 pm on various accounts. 

The Prime focus of the Web3 Demo Day will be on the individuals who are building Web3 from scratch. Also, it will provide a chance to learn in detail about Web3, and anyone can join the event who is interested in learning more about Web3.

Fellow mates will be hearing and learning from the learning creative, development, marketplace, platform, metaverse, and financial organizations in the Web3 space. Both VaynerX and VaynerNFT are excited to present their first Web3 Demo Day.