Bandit Network joins Unstoppable Domains to release “Minter SBT”


  • Bandit Network and Unstoppable Domains have partnered to provide Web3 domains to the Bandit community for free.
  • Bandit has launched their Soul Bound Token, Minter SBT.
  • Minter SBTs serve as proof-of-mint and pay tribute to the initial minters.

Bandit Network has added support for Unstoppable Web3 domains, allowing UDfam to use their digital identities and effortlessly log in the Bandit Network. Also, an Unstoppable Domain can be availed absolutely free by anyone in the Bandit community.

Bandit Network has also released their much expected “Minter SBT,” a Soul Bound Token that’s non-transferable and validates the minting of an NFT by a wallet owner no matter the non-fungible token is transferred or sold. 

Once minted, Minter SBTs are impossible to be transferred or sold. They reside in the wallet of the owner permanently and validate they remained here even before the buzz. 

Founder at Bandit Network, Sandesh Suvarna, said that since they want to be the biggest decentralized NFT platform, interoperability is key. This is why they were keen on collaborating with Unstoppable Domains since it is heavily supported in the ecosystem but also aims to offer to the decentralized community free Web3 domains. 

Throughout various chains, Unstoppable Domains provides support to over 300 tokens and coins. They vary from Binance to Ethereum chain and also include Solana, which is a major chain for both NFT freaks and creatures on Bandit. 

SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, said that owing to their Solana support, for Bandit network creators, Web3 domains are the ideal way to save their brand, safeguard their identity & IP as well as feature their creations in Web3. He added that they are proud about giving free domains to the project members and making Web3 domains the beginning of several non-fungible token success stories. 

There are no gas fees to mint Unstoppable domains on the blockchain and they are stored in a crypto wallet. Once an individual mints an Unstoppable Domain, it becomes theirs without any renewal fees.