Highstreet & Animoca brands offer home sales to revolutionize metaverse


  • The residences will be in Animoca Archipelago; thereby, transforming the island chain into a theme park.
  • The collaboration between Highstreet World and Animoca Brands will push the former towards growth through integration with portfolio companies.
  • AVAX Alpa, Binance Beach and Everyrealm are the other Web3 regions in the Highstreet World.

Highstreet World is joining Animoca Brands for an “Initial Home Offering” containing 5,000 innovative homes. Highstreet users can buy these homes; thus, taking Highstreet closer towards creating its metaverse. This way, stories and adventures related to Web3 ecosystems and traditional brands will not only merge but will redefine the future of commerce. 

The Initial Home Offering or IHO will reveal the Animoca Archipelago, which refers to a region that has in depth integration with Animoca Brands’ ecosystem and an esports league. The collaboration will pave the way for HighStreet World to grow upon integration with portfolio companies of Animoca Brands’. With the addition of more features, there will be an increase in  adoption as well as participation in the Highstreet metaverse. 

This month, whitelisting for IHO will start with minting meant to happen on the marketplace of Highstreet. Information regarding participation will be shared on  Telegram, Twitter and Discord platforms of Highstreet. 

Anyone irrespective of their location can be a part of a distinctive & creative metaverse community.

Co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu said that they are dedicated towards creating an open and interoperable metaverse. Highstreet has brands belonging from traditional online and Web3 worlds at the same time. Efforts are in full swing to transform the Animoca Archipelago into a  virtual destination that will house various communities and others under the same roof.  

A previous sale which was hosted on Binance has been followed by the IHO with Animoca Brands. The overall trading volume exceeded US$10 million. Talking about the present floor price, it is 250% of the mint price.

Different universes shaped by brands, games and IP exist peacefully in the Animoca Archipelago. Assets and models related to other projects function under it, while users engage with each other.

As the participants reach a level up, they can farm experience points upon conquering monsters in the archipelago, which will lead to various new options, as stated by CEO of Highstreet, Travis Wu.