After Animoca Brands, X2Y2 to enforce royalties, applauds OpenSea’s recent move


  • X2Y2 has announced enforcing creator-set royalties on NFT collections whether they are current or are launched recently.
  • Several collectors and creators see royalties as a major part of Web3 ethics.
  • Trades on Solana are now conducted on platforms that either don’t need royalties or don’t value them.

A few weeks ago, the majority of the NFT market appeared to be on a steep slide in terms of dismissing creator royalties. OpenSea too planned to make them optional; however, the marketplace was forced to keep royalties owing to the creator pushback. Now, a competitor Ethereum-based market, X2Y2, is also planning to impose royalties.

X2Y2 was released in 2022 and experienced considerable trading activity. Now it has announced its move to impose creator-set royalties on each and every NFT collection no matter if it is ongoing or newly-launched. 

X2Y2 earlier had a Flexible Royalty model to enable both collectors and creators to have input as to how seriously royalties were enforced for projects by the marketplace. Though just a few types of projects were allowed to choose to completely impose royalties. One kind of project that didn’t qualify for that option was PFP or Profile Picture Project.

Through a Twitter thread, X2Y2 applauded OpenSea for supporting creator royalties and confessed that several recently released projects were utilizing the blocklist code of OpenSea to ban those non-fungible tokens from being traded that do not apply royalties completely.

X2Y2 wrote that keeping aside belief, it is only the code that’s self-evident in crypto. Two weeks before OpenSea launched the OperatorFilter, the majority of the recent projects were on its side. 

X2Y2 mentioned eliminating the Flexible Royalty setting for recent projects that deploy the blocklist code of OpenSea though it will apply royalties that are set for ongoing projects as well. 

In its response, OpenSea shared removing X2Y2 from its blacklist; thus, non-fungible tokens that utilize the code are possible to be traded on X2Y2.

An NFT royalty refers to the fee that’s taken from a secondary market sale paid to the real creator and lies between 5% to 10% of the sale price.

Enforcing such royalties completely on-chain is not possible with the ongoing known NFT standards throughout popular chains such as Solana and Ethereum though leading marketplaces valued creator royalties earlier. 

OpenSea shared plans for a move away from imposed royalties in the beginning of this month. It also joined the likes of marketplaces such as Blur, LooksRare and X2Y2 to make them optional.

Meanwhile, the marketplace announced last week that it will keep applying creator royalties on all projects no matter if they are old, new or the ones utilizing its blocklist product.

A few days back, Animoca Brands announced its decentralized plans to honor royalties as reported by Today NFT News.