Yuga Labs Launches 13-Week NFT Cipher Puzzle Series with 0.12 BTC Prizes


  • Yuga Labs has launched a 13-week cipher puzzle series based on their TwelveFold Bitcoin NFT collection.
  • The TwelveFold collection comprises 300 generative art pieces, utilizing a 12×12 grid and incorporating Bitcoin ordinals.
  • Each week for the first 12 weeks, a Moon Puzzle is released, offering a prize of 0.12 BTC for the correct solution.

Yuga Labs, the creative minds behind the widely acclaimed Bored Ape Yacht Club, have once again ignited the fervor of crypto enthusiasts and puzzle aficionados alike. This time, they’ve unveiled a captivating 13-week cipher puzzle series centered around their TwelveFold Bitcoin NFT collection, which was initially introduced in February.

The TwelveFold collection is a captivating amalgamation of generative art, featuring a remarkable 300 unique pieces, each defined by a 12×12 grid. What sets this collection apart is its intricate use of Bitcoin ordinals, offering participants the chance to immerse themselves in the cryptic world of cryptocurrency while showcasing their puzzle-solving prowess.

Over the course of the first 12 weeks, Yuga Labs will release a Moon Puzzle every week, each presenting a tantalizing challenge. The allure of these puzzles lies in the enticing reward of 0.12 BTC, translating to slightly over $3,000, awaiting those who can successfully unravel their mysteries.

The grand finale, set for the thirteenth week, promises an even more exclusive prize. The fastest participant to decipher this ultimate puzzle will be bestowed with a TwelveFold ordinal, a prize of considerable prestige and allure.

What sets this cryptic adventure apart is the unique manner in which participants’ submissions will be recorded. Yuga Labs has chosen to immortalize these answers by inscribing them on satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

To do so, participants will incur a fee ranging from $4 to $8, depending on network traffic. Additionally, a Bitcoin ordinals wallet is a prerequisite for anyone seeking to join this intellectual quest.

It’s important to note that only one winner can emerge from each puzzle, ensuring the utmost exclusivity and competitiveness. In the event that two individuals submit correct answers within the same Bitcoin block, the solution with the lower inscription number will prevail. Winners will receive notifications via email, cementing their place in the annals of this unique crypto puzzle challenge.

The journey has already begun, with the successful resolution of the first puzzle. This inaugural challenge featured six enigmatic images, seemingly depicting TwelveFold ordinals, accompanied by the cryptic clue: “Having two together during hibernation can make all the difference.” The ingenious solver deduced the answer, “Jigsaw,” by astutely recognizing that each of the images merged two ordinals, one notably blurrier than the other. Through the subtraction of the edition numbers, this enigma was masterfully unraveled, demonstrating the intellectual depth of the participants.