GoDaddy teams up with Ethereum Name Service, allowing easy cryptocurrency transactions through domain names.


  • GoDaddy teams up with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to connect ENS names with GoDaddy domains for easy crypto transactions.
  • This partnership lets users link their domain names to blockchain technology, making it simpler to access Web3 apps.
  • ENS, with millions of registered names, allows direct crypto payments to domain names, streamlining digital asset management.

GoDaddy, the world’s largest web registrar, has partnered with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), facilitating users to connect their ENS names with their GoDaddy domain names. This integration bridges the gap between traditional domain names and the emerging Web3 and blockchain technology landscape. The collaboration will empower GoDaddy users to send and receive cryptocurrencies free of charge using their preferred domain names.

This move signifies a significant step towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, as it allows users to seamlessly integrate their GoDaddy domain names with various Web3 applications, including NFT marketplaces, wallets, and block explorers. Users can now link their GoDaddy domain name with their ENS-compatible crypto wallet, enabling access to popular wallets such as MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, and Uniswap Wallet.

Founded in 2017, ENS operates as a domain service built on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling the registration of .eth domains and facilitating connectivity with multiple crypto wallets and Web3 apps. With over 2.1 million registered names on-chain, ENS offers the advantage of receiving crypto payments directly to domain names, eliminating the need for complex wallet addresses.

The partnership with GoDaddy holds immense potential for advancing the adoption of Web3 domain names, considering GoDaddy’s position as the leading global domain name registrar, with nearly 85 million domain names registered, accounting for over 11% of the market share.

Notably, despite ongoing litigation between ENS and GoDaddy over the alleged sale of the “” domain name, falsely claimed to be expired, the recent collaboration suggests a likely resolution shortly.

In parallel, Unstoppable Domains, a significant competitor in the Web3 domain space, has been making strides with innovative features and partnerships. With over 3.4 million domain names registered, Unstoppable Domains continues to vie for dominance in the Web3 domain market, unveiling new offerings such as business-to-user messaging tools, premium memberships, and expansive dApp marketplaces.

While Unstoppable Domains has been a frontrunner since raising $65 million in a Series A funding round, the partnership between ENS and GoDaddy has the potential to reshape the dynamics of the Web3 domain landscape. This development underscores the evolving landscape of blockchain-based domains and the growing intersection between traditional web services and decentralized technologies.