Unstoppable Domains Introduces Exclusive Group Chat Feature Accessible Only to Username Owners


  • Unstoppable Domains revolutionizes group chats in the Web3 sphere, introducing a badge-gating system that ensures access based on unique blockchain achievements or holdings.
  • Over 400 groups have emerged at launch, catering to diverse interests in the crypto community, from major domain holders to CryptoKitties enthusiasts.
  • This innovative move blends traditional communication with blockchain technology, significantly shifting towards more secure, private, and verified digital interactions.

Unstoppable Domains, a leader in the Web3 username protocol, has expanded its communication offerings by introducing a group chat feature in its app. Announced on January 17, this enhancement brings a new dimension to its existing chat app, transitioning from individual to group interactions. Users can now form groups with a unique twist: access is regulated through a badge-gating system. This system allows only those wallet accounts with specific, verifiable on-chain characteristics to join particular groups.

Introducing group chats represents a significant step forward for Unstoppable Domains, which previously offered only one-on-one messaging capabilities. This change aligns the platform more closely with popular messaging apps like Discord and Telegram, known for their group communication features. The badge-gating mechanism further sets it apart, introducing an element of exclusivity and verification that is particularly relevant in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

Moreover, using badges for gating access is not just about exclusivity. It’s a strategy to enhance the quality of conversations within these groups. By tying group membership to specific blockchain-based achievements or holdings, Unstoppable Domains aims to foster more meaningful and relevant user interactions. This feature is especially useful in combating the spread of misinformation in crypto circles, providing a more controlled environment for discussion.

Sandy Carter, the Chief Operating Officer of Unstoppable Domains, highlighted the flexibility of the badge-gating system. Group moderators can set various blockchain-based criteria for automatic membership. For instance, owning a specific number of nonfungible tokens or completing certain courses could grant access. While the system automates membership to a degree, moderators can manually override these settings, ensuring they have ultimate control over group composition.

At launch, over 400 groups were automatically formed based on existing Unstoppable Domains badges. These groups cater to a wide range of interests and holdings within the crypto community, from Whales with extensive domain collections to CryptoKitties and Yat holders.

This move by Unstoppable Domains is more than just an expansion of features. It reflects a growing trend in digital communication, where platforms are increasingly seeking ways to integrate blockchain technology for improved security, privacy, and user verification. The group chat feature, powered by the Web3 communication system Push Protocol, marks a new chapter in Unstoppable Domains’ journey, blending traditional communication methods with the novel approaches of blockchain technology.