Unstoppable Domains  can now be accessed on NFT GO


  • Unstoppable Domains has joined hands with NFT GO to reach maximum people for Web3 domains.
  • The first 500 Unstoppable buyers will get NFT without any gas fees.
  • Users can mint a Web3 domain on their phones.

Unstoppable Domains is prepared to take the world towards Web3, which means making it easy for individuals to possess their digital identity. To meet Web3 people no matter where they are, Unstoppable Domains has collaborated with NFT GO. 

NFT GO is a leader when it comes to NFT management. They have 500K connected wallets, which makes them experienced in transforming Web3 into simple and familiar just like Web2. Moreover, this is why 90% of their community are among the first-time buyers. 

For Web3 newbies, Unstoppable Web3 domains are the best and economical option. Every domain is featured with perks which can be offered by Unstoppable Domains only. These perks include no renewal fees as well as zero gas fees on Polygon

NFT GO was initiated to act like the entry point in Web3 for billions of mobile consumers worldwide who are outside the ecosystem. 

CEO of NFT GO, Kris T, shared that they have transformed into the largest mobile-first digital items’ marketplace in just one year. He added that they feel proud about joining other popular Web3 firms such as Unstoppable Domains to move ahead towards their mission. They are taking a step closer to a decentralized internet by allowing users to mint Web3 domains on their phones. This will allow users to manage their digital fate. 

SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, said that they depend on partners such as NFT Go to connect with more and more audiences for Web3 domains. This will be a phenomenal move towards enabling a mobile-first community to establish their own digital identities.