MaiCoin and Unstoppable Domain come together for a better  NFT domain and crypto experience


  • To make sending and receiving cryptocurrency even simpler and more rational, Unstoppable Domains and MaiCoin have teamed up.
  • Users of the MaiCoin Group partner Qubic Wallet by AMIS Technology can buy, store, and exchange NFTs with only one tap.
  • More than 70% of Taiwanese merchants are aware of Maicoin Group, which is using the superpowers of Unstoppable Domains to go global.

Unstoppable Domains and MaiCoin, Taiwan’s largest legal Digital Asset Group, have partnered to make transferring and receiving cryptocurrency even more straightforward and more logical.

Users of the Qubic Wallet by AMIS Technology, a partner of MaiCoin Group, can buy, store, and exchange NFTs with just one tap. Qubic Wallet users can now transfer and receive cryptocurrency using an NFT domain instead of a cumbersome wallet address.

Additionally, Qubic is the first wallet in Taiwan to use the resolution and reverse resolution to display users’ NFT domains rather than their wallet addresses, making the trade of digital assets even more user-friendly, seamless, and private.

More than 70% of Taiwanese traders are familiar with Maicoin Group, which is leveraging Unstoppable Domains’ superpowers to expand globally and improve the user experience: Users of Qubic can no longer stress over typing in the wrong addresses because they can now use their Unstoppable Domains digital identity.

Qubic Wallet is the market-leading NFT sending and receiving service in Taiwan, according to Yu-te Lin, Vice President of Engineering at AMIS Technology. He continued that with this partnership with Unstoppable Domains, they are bringing more utility to their users, helping them seamlessly transact in NFT and cryptocurrency using human-readable domain names vis a vis complex wallet addresses, thus improving their user experience and all of that in just a single tap.

Web3 is being facilitated by Unstoppable Domains one integration at a time. We are enabling people all around the world to own their digital identities by partnering with leaders in the field like Maicoin.

Bitcoin trading and payment services are offered by MaiCoin. The business is targeting unexplored Asian markets with its digital currency services. We streamline the process of buying, keeping, and using digital currencies to pay for real-world products and services, starting with Bitcoin.