Unstoppable NFT domain provider now supports OKC Network and OKX Web3


  • Unstoppable Domains, a company that creates Blockchain domain names, has collaborated with EVM and IBC compatible chain OKC (OKX Chain).
  • This collaboration will allow OKC users to make deposits and withdrawals more easily within the regulated fiat-focused crypto-asset exchange.
  • Unstoppable domains can be used by OKC users to log in to over 270 apps, games, and metaverses, as well as to create decentralized websites.

Unstoppable NFT domain has recently announced a new partnership with OKC (OKX Chain), the EVM and IBC compliant chain supported by OKX, the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. 

Currently, the users of the OKX wallet can transfer and receive token assets from more than 20 public chains using a human-readable wallet address, such as ong.x, making cryptocurrency transactions easier to understand.

A Cosmos IBC-based and EVM-compatible chain, OKC (OKX Chain), is centered on real interoperability (IBC) and optimum performance. Users may effortlessly manage their token and NFT portfolios with the all-in-one multi-chain OKX Web3 wallet. With this introduction of Unstoppable, users of OKX Wallet can now send and receive cryptocurrency over the OKX Chain.

Chai Li, the Head of Ecosystem at OKC, said that they have always been looking for methods to make transferring crypto simpler, and thus, the partnership with Unstoppable has come as a savior. With this partnership, OKC will be able to provide users with more ways to pursue their own brand of financial liberty.

NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains allow users a user-owned, safe, and transportable identity for Web 3. With the help of these domains, users can change their long, difficult-to-remember alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses with short, memorable names. 

Unstoppable domains lessen the stress of mistyping or miscopying a wallet address while trying to transmit cryptocurrency by making them easier to remember, allowing users greater confidence and flexibility in their transactions.

The platform allows users to establish decentralized websites, log in to more than 270 apps, games, and metaverses, as well as conduct cryptocurrency transactions. Unstoppable domains are created on the blockchain at no gas cost and kept in a cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, unstoppable does not charge renewal fees once users purchase and register a domain name.