Unstoppable domain endings now accessible on Opera Crypto browser and wallet


  • Unstoppable and Opera collaborate further in order to give their users a digital identity.
  • Giveaway of a free NFT and access to Polygon Domains to be offered.
  • Through this collaboration, one can visit Web3 without the fear of being tracked.

Unstoppable Domains and Opera, the developer of privacy and security-focused web browsers, have increased their collaboration in order to provide access to the power of digital identity to the hundreds of millions of Opera users around the world. 

Users can now create and access Web3 web pages driven by Unstoppable using any of Opera’s Web3-compatible desktop and mobile browsers, including the Opera Browser on Desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux), Android, and the Opera Crypto Browser. 

Moreover, by utilizing Unstoppable Domains, Opera Crypto Wallet users on desktop and mobile devices may now instantly transfer cryptocurrency from and to their wallets. You can publish content on decentralized websites with ease using the Opera Crypto Wallet and log in to Web3 apps, games, and metaverses with unstoppable Web3 domains like yourname.nft. 

Hence, your digital identity powered by Unstoppable offers a seamless Web3 experience while enabling you to maintain control over your data, regardless of your experience with Web3 or whether you’re just starting. 

When used in conjunction with your Opera browser, which includes fundamental features like an adblocker, Trackerblocker, and a free VPN, you can visit Web3 without worrying about being monitored.

Unstoppable, one of the easiest digital identification systems, simplifies the transition to Web3 for the millions of registered domain owners throughout the world. Simply authenticate your account, check the availability of your free Web3 domain, and update your Twitter with your Web3 domain name to get a free .nft domain to match your Twitter handle as part of the collaboration.