Unstoppable NFT won’t support .coin domains


  • Unstoppable NFT has become aware of a collision with .coin and decided to withdraw their support altogether.
  • Unstoppable NFT is offering .coin domain owners credit of 3x times the amount of what they paid.
  • The Emercoin team regrets not being aware of the naming collision earlier.

Unstoppable NFT got to know about a possible collision with the .coin domain and all the .coin domains released or issued by Emercoin, a reputed platform at that time. After undergoing a thorough review, they finally decided to stop supporting all the .coin domains, and withdraw completely. 

Consequently, in order to compensate for the loss, they even decided to offer .coin domain owners credits of triple the amount of what they paid in the first place.

A while back, upon a severe investigation, they had also become aware of a couple of other things. 

When Unstoppable NFT first launched .coin in 2021, they were not aware of this whole naming collision. 

The platform, Emercoin which was issuing .coin domains, had not yet marketed its TLD extensively, making it difficult to find. As soon as they noticed this naming collision, they stopped selling .coin domains and investigated this issue further. 

Later, they also found that Emercoin registered their first .coin domains in 2014, and upon gaining some traction online, they built an integration in OpenNIC, a reputable application on the web. 

The Emercoin team regret that we weren’t aware of this naming collision earlier. Otherwise, they could have avoided the whole fiasco altogether. As per the sources, they did not know that the collision would become unavoidable in future.