Brave Browser steps into Web3 game with Polygon


  • The Unstoppable web3 domain now allows the 55+ million Brave browser users to send cryptocurrencies while using it to explore the decentralized web.
  • The first wallet that can be used entirely within a browser without having to download or install software is Brave.
  • Unstoppable and Brave are always thinking of new ways to use each other’s state-of-the-art technologies for the good of our communities.

The 55+ million users of the Brave browser may now send cryptocurrency while browsing the decentralized web using the Unstoppable web3 domain on @0xPolygon, making it even more unstoppable.

Brave is the first wallet that is completely native to a browser and doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed. It is making it safer for the web3 community to browse the web and manage their cryptocurrency by getting rid of these procedures. 

The browser is additionally made simpler to trade and receive crypto with human-readable digital identities by integrating Unstoppable domains created on Polygon.

Brave and Unstoppable are constantly coming up with new ways to use each other’s cutting-edge technologies to benefit our communities, whether it be DeFi or digital identification. 

This upgrade offers the Unstoppable family even another fantastic new option to use their Web3 domains, and we are confident that they will enjoy such a simple wallet experience.

According to Brian Bondy, co-founder and CTO of Brave, using Unstoppable Domain Names as the receiver while sending money and tokens is possible with Brave Wallet. Brave Wallet handles these resolutions on-chain, making it possible to transmit and receive money securely and easily without having to memorize lengthy addresses.

Brendan Eich, the father of JavaScript, a co-founder of Firefox, and a former CEO of Mozilla, began by integrating Bitcoin into Brave. In 2016, the browser came with a feature that let users contribute their Bitcoin to website owners and creators who had signed up for the service. The system didn’t need any Brave custody in the middle and utilized multi-sig wallets.

The fact that Brave Wallet is built directly into the browser reduces vulnerabilities to phishing, fraudulent apps, and other forms of theft by removing the need to install an additional extension like MetaMask. 

With data privacy and security at its core, the Brave Wallet provides multi-chain connections, a fiat on-ramp, and more for efficient web3 browsing.