Polygon & Kaleido partner to provide custom blockchains to enterprises


  • Polygon and Kaleido are coming together to enable businesses to build custom blockchains.
  • Polygon Edge is available from today on Kaleido.
  • More and more enterprises are interested in adopting open and decentralized blockchain-dependent applications.

Giving businesses the power to create customized blockchains according to their needs, Polygon is collaborating with Kaleido. 

To meet the growing demand of enterprises to launch services in Web3, Kaleido will leverage Polygon Edge. From today, Polygon Edge is available on Kaleido. Polygon Supernets are also included in the offering and refer to a fast-track to build Polygon dominant technologies and application-specific chains. 

Be it an enterprise offering financial services, health care or retail, all of them have the urge to explore how their business can bloom through open and decentralized blockchain-dependent applications. However, the launch of ethereum is filled with challenges and also includes concerns related to privacy and uncertain transaction fees. 

Through the partnership between Polygon and Kaleido, enterprises will step onto the way of building custom-fit blockchain through security, openness, scalability and cost. 

Co-Founder, and CEO of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny, said that the collaboration between Polygon and Kaleido is a milestone for the Web3 space. 

He further said that:

It is concrete evidence that the scalability, cost, and privacy solutions of public chain ecosystems now meet the requirements of enterprises. 

Enterprises can now harness Polygon’s suite of solutions. Polygon PoS offers a carbon-neutral execution layer with high transaction and low fees. 

In the coming time, Polygon Avail will deliver scalable data availability and a zero-knowledge solution will kick away network congestion followed by managing applications around privacy. 

Core+ is the first project to harness Polygon Edge through Kaleido. Using blockchains, the project will provide small and medium enterprises access to transactional financing as well as related tools. 

Antoni Martin, co-founder of Polygon Hermez said:

The Polygon Edge framework was designed with enterprises in mind, to help them simplify and speed up the process of building and launching their own customizable and secure Ethereum-compatible Blockchain networks.

He further said that Kaleido offers the enterprise ‘easy button’ and is blessed with immense expertise, thanks to operating thousands of enterprise chains during the past four years.