Ford files 19 trademark applications, signals the beginning of its metaverse journey


  • Ford is entering into the metaverse with 19 trademark applications.
  • The firm is taking interest in web3 at a time when the adoption rate of cryptocurrency is going up.
  • The company aims to offer virtual cars, vans, trucks and clothing.

American car manufacturer Ford has jumped into the metaverse, says its latest trademark applications.

USPTO licensed trademark attorney, Michael Kondoudis shared the news on Twitter. 

Based on the screenshots shared by him, the 19 applications include Raptor, F-150 Lightning, Bronco, Ford, Transit, Mustang, Escape and others.

The applications were filed on September 2 and approval is being awaited as of now. 

Based on the additional details, the company is planning to apply for trademarks in the metaverse in a number of ways. The proposed model comprises of-

  • Downloadable multimedia files with audio and text authenticated by NFTs.
  • Downloadable virtual goods like automobiles in the form of programs
  • Non-fungible tokens promotions in the metaverse
  • Utilization of non-downloadable virtual vehicles for entertainment 
  • Virtual non-downloadable digital content like vehicles

In July, Today NFT News reported Hyundai filed trademark applications for Web3.