Web3 studio Superplastic received $20M from Amazon


  • Now Amazon Studios has first dibs on the wacky NFTs from Superplastic.
  • Amazon Studios projects The Janky & Guggimion Show star cast achieve fame.
  • Cryptojankyz has seen nearly $15 million in total trading volume.

A $20 million series A-4 financing round for Superplastic, a 3D character studio that produces “synthetic celebrities,” vinyl toys, and NFT merchandise wqs led by Amazon’s Alexa Funds. Superplastic received further financing from companies, including Galaxy Digital, Animoca Brands, Google Ventures, Craft Ventures, and others, bringing the total amount raised to $58 million.

With Superplastic, Amazon Studios has a “first look arrangement” that gives them first choice on any television show or movie idea that includes Superplastic’s characters. 

The Amazon Studios project “The Janky & Guggimon Show,” which will star two Superplastic virtual celebrities, will follow the two main characters as they fight to the death to achieve fame and wealth. Millions of people follow Janky and Guggimon on social media, and they are anthropomorphized, physics-defying creatures from the film Superplastic.

In response to a question about Amazon’s position on Web3, Bernard emailed Decrypt to say that the fund is still growing. Additionally, he added that it encompasses technologies like synthetics, generative AI, and Web 3.

They said they want to continue investing in startups that advance voice use cases in tandem with Amazon’s strategic bets in these areas. 

Valuing a long-term investment that will position us well in the future, even if it takes a while for these technologies to take hold in their daily routines.

A PFP series ($3.2 million in total trade value) and an NFT collaboration with Gucci (over $10 million in full value) are just two of the collections in which Superplastic has so far created close to 25,000 NFTs. Since its launch in July 2021, its NFT collection, Cryptojankyz, has seen close to $15 million in total trading volume.