NFTs are a “natural place for us” – Gal Yosef


  • Digital artist, Gal Yosef said in an interview that NFTs are a natural transition for digital artists.
  • He launched his Meta Eagle Club NFT collection in January this year.
  • His career began with the Crypto Bulls Society collection released in 2021.

The renowned digital artist Gal Yosef in an interview with Cointelegraph, said that the NFT art market is set to grow further despite the current bearish crypto market. According to him, NFTs are a “natural” shift for digital artists.

The popular digital artist said to Cointelegraph,

I think that the NFT has given massive exposure to all the digital artists mostly because it’s a very natural place for us.

NFTs to Gal Yosef is the same as any other art form. It is a natural transition for him. On the topic of NFTs versus other art forms, the artist believes that NFTs are not a category for artists like him.

Gal Yosef is a self-taught 3D digital artist. He began his career in 2021 by launching the popular Crypto Bulls Society collection. The collection accumulated over $50 million in primary and secondary sales.

One of the unique NFTs of the collection was created in collaboration with American record producer, Steve Aoki. According to the Crypto Bulls Society’s Twitter post, it was sold for $214,000 at Sotheby’s auction.

In January 2022, the passionate artist launched another masterpiece, the Meta Eagle Club NFT collection.

After launching two successful NFT collections back-to-back, the artist looks forward to metaverse NFTs. He believes the rising popularity and craze for metaverse will fuel the NFT market.

Talking about NFTs and metaverse, he mentioned that metaverse NFTs are the “next big thing”. He also added,

“[I am] looking to put my signature on it and make some big things,” he said without elaborating further.