Polygon and Neowiz teamed up to launch the blockchain gaming platform Intella X


  • Polygon and Neowiz have recently collaborated to launch Intella X, the blockchain gaming platform.
  • The recent collaboration will bring popular gaming IPs of Nowiz such as ‘Cats & Soup’ and ‘Brave Nine’ to Web3.
  • Fueled by Polygon, Intella X will serve as a Web3 gaming platform where game developers and users can collaborate.

A recent announcement on the official Twitter handle of Polygon revealed that Polygon and Neowiz had joined hands to launch the blockchain gaming platform, Intella X. The collaboration is aimed at bringing the popular gaming IP of Neowiz, “Cats & Soup,” and “Brave Nine” to Web3 for the first time. 

The tweet thread revealed that the Intella X blockchain gaming platform exercises the core principles of Web3 by facilitating the distribution of the native token of the platform and shares of the generated platform revenue back to the contributors of the platform ecosystem. 

The Web3 gaming platform Intella X will serve as a stage for all the game developers and users to get together to develop, contribute, play, and earn.

As disclosed, the contribution to the ecosystem for game developers is known as “Develop and Earn.” Revealing further the details related to the game ecosystem, Polygon shared that the platform calculates various on-chain and off-chain data by developing and deploying games/content to the ecosystem in order to determine the contribution rate for each developer’s game. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that IX Wallet, the proprietary wallet of Intella X, is also launching along with the Intella X. The waller will be reportedly optimized for game services such as Bridge, NFT Launchpads, DEX, NFT Marketplaces, and much more. 

Discussing the upcoming game line-up of Intella X, there are two casino games, House of Slots and House of Poker. Brave Nine, Crypto Golf Impact, and Alliance of Valiant Arms are accompanying them. 

Most recently, Polygon MATIC deployed a decentralized data marketplace, Acentrik, as an enterprise release, for benefitting data transformation via data assets tokenization and securing its access to the marketplace.