Nexon picks Polygon Supernets for “MapleStory Universe” and NFT ecosystem expansion


  • Nexon will develop an exclusive, application-specific Polygon Supernet to back the blockchain ecosystem of MapleStory Universe.
  • Polygon Supernet enables Nexon to customize a blockchain and meet online gaming’s complex requirements.
  • MapleStory Universe aims to expand and power the NFT ecosystem.

Nexon is prepared to build a dedicated, application-determined Polygon Supernet with the goal of supporting the blockchain space of MapleStory and growing the prospering in-game space. 

With a dedicated Polygon Supernet, Nexon can customize a blockchain to fulfill the complicated needs of massive online gaming. 

MapleStory is among the most successful games and has 180 million registered users spread across social media platforms and forums. Taking the lively community towards a dedicated blockchain ecosystem will advance the strong in-game economy.

Users purchase and sell items from each other with the Web3 version of the currency of MapleStory. In the coming time, players can earn as well as accumulate NFT items via gameplay to unveil several perks of utility throughout the ecosystem, thanks to the Polygon Supernet. 

Sun-young Hwang, MapleStory Universe group leader, said that they are planning to grow the NFT space envisioned by MapleStory Universe through establishing on Polygon. Furthermore, it is the best choice to support the ecosystem. Hwang added that they will work closely with Polygon Labs’ team for the development and marketing of the game. 

In 2022, half of all blockchain activity happened from games. Also, three-quarters of game developers anticipate working on Web3-based games in the coming time. 

Certain biggest blockchain gaming publishers and projects, such as Animoca, Ubisoft, The Sandbox, Atari, Somnium Space, and Decentraland, are created on the Polygon network. 

The Polygon space is home to tens of thousands of dApps and leading global enterprises such as Adobe, Robinhood, and Strips, as it has around 220 million unique user addresses.

Nexon was founded in Korea in 1994 and developed both microtransactions as well as the free-to-play business model. The firm services 60 plus online games in 100 plus countries and has made more than 1.3 billion player registrations to date. The move into Web3 has kept Nexon at the forefront of gaming advancement.

President of Polygon Labs Ryan Wyatt said Nexon’s decision to choose Polygon Supernet to support MapleStory Universe has sent a powerful message to the gaming industry regarding blockchain gaming’s future. 

Wyatt added that Korea is a major market for taking Web3 gaming to the audience, and Polygon Labs offers various solutions to bring their visions to market.