Frogs of the Plague NFT collaborates with Polygon to carry out Plague’s purpose


  • Plague spreads into the Polygon Network as it joins hands with Polygon.
  • In the spirit of Web 3, the collaboration comes to carry out the Plague’s aim to decentralize opportunities through cutting-edge goods.
  • Acorne was introduced by Leapmedia, a Plague-born marketing company, and The Frog Tank (Plague Launchpad), which also launched its “Earn to Earn” (E2E) NFT (a cross-chain NFT).

In order to achieve the Plague’s goal of decentralizing opportunity through cutting-edge goods in the spirit of the Web-3 movement, The Frogs of the Plague NFT will collaborate with Polygon.

In cooperation with Leapmedia, a Plague-born marketing firm, The Frog Tank (Plague Launchpad) debuted Acorne in the month of January and unveiled its “Earn to Earn” (E2E) NFT. The E2E NFT is a cross-chain NFT that powers a system that pays its holders for their marketing influence.

For the escrow protocol’s application layer, Leap Media employs Polygon. Polygon’s utility-heavy blockchain system can run at scale thanks to its low gas fees, quick transactions, and state-sync data bridges.

In accordance with the news revealed, the decentralized application (dApp) will also incorporate a Polygon gas station network (GSN) for gas-free micro-transactions, facilitating the elimination of the need to fund wallets initially.

As revealed, within the next 60 days, the team will facilitate the launch of their first consumer using the “Proof of Journey” supply chain system on Polygon. They have chosen Polygon because of its unmatched backing and confidence in technology.