OrbCity is switching to Polygon Network


  • Korea’s popular Web 3, OrbCity, is shifting to the Polygon network.
  • OrbCity announced its entry in Q1 of 2023.
  • The goal is to create social and financial connections.

OrbCity announced its migration to the Polygon Platform via Twitter on December 26, 2022. They will enter Q1 in 2023. All of their holders will be able to buy their new digital homes.

OrbCity is a digital universe in which people can discover, find, and develop their towns. The partnership between Polygon and Orbs has created a unique opportunity for community members to fully utilize the Ethereum platform. 

Orbs, a blockchain-based network, has capabilities built to work with EVM-compatible blockchain networks. Orbs have created new options for NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and the Metaverse when joined with L1 and L2 systems.

OrbCity, Korea’s biggest Web 3.0 virtual world network, is constructing a creator economy in which artists and people may collaborate to create their own virtual world while collecting benefits.

Assisting web 3.0 users in developing their identities on a reflected layer of the planet by exchanging NFTs, sharing tales, and participating in serendipitous bargains, OrbCity has a goal of democratizing both financial and social connections.

All properties, including but not confined to $ORB, $LAY, and LANDNFTs, will be relocated as soon as possible. OrbCity is supported by prominent investors such as Animoca Brands, Zepetto, KuCoin, and GBV officials.

Software transfer to Polygon has resulted in a large rise in on-chain activities on its system. All details and announcements about their shifting and moving will be published first on their Discord server.