Web3 World gets exposed to Football world by Polygon Platform


  • The Polygon platform introduces the Web3 football world.
  • This blockchain-based football world also includes 32 digital football collections.
  • Each competing team in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is creating their own space on the platform.

The Polygon platform introduces the blockchain-based web3 Football Collectibles to the general public. Introducing 32 digital football collections, the platform is trying to honour the game by building a digitized and global community. 

As a tribute to World Cup 2022, Qatar, the official channel of Polygon on Twitter, says, “While nations compete against each other on the field, countries are building web3 together. 

Football celebrities are making forays into the Blockchain industry and are developing NFTs. The FIFA Football Worldcup has already worked and interacted with a three million-user metaverse to increase the Virtual World. 

To add to the popularity of the metaverse, Cristiano Ronaldo has entered the blockchain by introducing the first NFT collection on the Binance platform to boost the fandom and make the collections available to the fans. 

For this purpose, the Polygon platform has announced that each nation is creating a Web3 on the Polygon blockchain and are introducing its football collections, leading to 32 digital polygon footballs to celebrate the game. 

The entire ecosystem will work to let the users discover the world on Polygon, discover their initiatives and activities taken by each competing country and collect their favourite team’s digital collectable footballs. 

Additionally, Polygon added that the virtual NFT gallery was ready and using a PC provided a better user experience. Furthermore, the gallery is now prepared to discover a new environment.