Why Choose Crypto Betting for Football?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the term, “crypto betting.” If you are thinking about a type of bet where crypto is used as a payment method, then you are thinking in the right direction. If you are familiar with the current trend especially in the financial markets, you will discover that crypto has been the rave in recent years. As a matter of fact, you would be very correct to assume that seven out of ten people have traded crypto. This is because of how mainstream the means of making payment has become, and seeing the boom in the markets in 2021, a lot of people are getting on board.

This upward trend in the adoption of crypto by the masses is something that has been noted by most betting platforms in recent times. This explains why they are currently providing some cryptocurrencies as payment methods added to fiat. Virtually online betting platforms today now offer at least Bitcoin as a mode of making payments. This was unheard of seven years ago when fiat currencies are considered the only valid means of making payments on betting platforms.

While others are still warming up to adopting more cryptocurrencies as means of making payments on their platform, 1xBit takes the bull by the horn by making crypto the only means of making payments on their platform. This platform which made its debut in about six years has attracted a lot of users on board seeing as crypto is the only accepted means of making payments. Betting on football with crypto on the platform comes with a load of perks, however, here are a few you should have in mind.

  • Customers are given the liberty to remain anonymous. This has been unheard of in the betting scene before 1xBit came on board
  • Transactions on the platform are processed faster since crypto is the main means of making payments
  • There is an array of crypto payment options to pick from
  • You don’t have to worry about ridiculous fees as crypto transactions tend to be cheaper than fiat transactions.

In the subsequent paragraph, we will take a deeper dive into some of the perks of crypto betting on 1xBit.

Best Tips to Get Started with Crypto Betting

The journey to getting on board with crypto is bound not to be easy, especially if you have been used to betting with fiat. Here, we will be dropping some tips that will make the transition smoother.

  • Research

This is one very underrated part but the gains will surprise you in the long run if you don’t skip it. As with starting any new thing, the first thing you want to seek is knowledge. In this case, with crypto, you want to make sure you consume a lot of content about crypto. There you will learn the common terms used in crypto, familiarize yourself with the markets and know what currencies are safer to buy or not. Fulfilling this part sets to on the right path for the next phase below.

  • Buy your choice of  crypto

After having done enough research about crypto and the financial markets, you will be acquainted with the best crypto to buy. This will inform your choice of crypto to buy. As such, you are shielded from making rookie mistakes.

  • Source for a crypto betting platform

Since your end goal is to get involved with crypto betting, now that you know the best crypto to buy and have gotten it, the next best step to follow is finding the right crypto betting platform. The best crypto betting platform at the moment is 1xBit and you are sure to enjoy a pleasurable betting experience.

  • Sign up for the platform

Having made up your mind about your choice of crypto betting platform, the next reasonable step to follow is to sign up. Once you have signed up, explore the range of crypto payment methods available on the platform to process your deposits. Since you have already purchased your crypto which is in your e-wallet, you can send the crypto to the wallet created by the betting platform. After you have successfully registered and made a deposit, you can now explore the football betting markets or any other markets available to play for winnings.

1xBit Benefits

As we have mentioned already, 1xBit is the best crypto betting platform available today and here we will be looking at the benefits of betting on this platform.

Full anonymity

Being anonymous while betting on a site has always been the goal for a lot of people. Some people would rather not reveal their identities while patronizing a betting platform for their reasons. Sadly, given how existing traditional betting platforms operate, they are left with no option but to reveal their identity. This is one area 1xBit capitalizes on meeting the needs of the masses. On the 1xBit website, you are only required to supply your email address and password, this way, you are given the liberty to stay as anonymous as you would prefer.

Over 40 Cryptocurrencies

As you already know, 1xBit is a betting platform where the only acceptable means of payment is with crypto. To further make transaction processing smoother for its users, the platform makes provision of accepting over 40 cryptocurrencies. With this broad range of cryptocurrencies available, you are not limited by options in any way. As icing on the cake, the platform makes sure more cryptocurrencies are added to the list at least once every two months.

Huge Welcome Bonus

One of the most outstanding things about betting on 1xBit is the large bonus you get to enjoy as a new customer. 1xBit thas provision for offering as much as 7 BTC to new users upon their 1-4th bonuses. With this large bonus, you don’t necessarily have to eat deep into your budget to spend as there will be enough to use from the bonus to place bets.

Quick Payout

If you consistently patronize traditional betting platforms online, you will know well enough that withdrawal of winnings can take a couple of days before it can be successfully processed. This reality can be annoying given the long wait you have to subject yourself to in order to cash out your winnings. However, with 1xBit, things are done a little differently. You can rest assured to have your payouts processed within a few minutes to hours because the main means of making payment is crypto and we know how best it is.

Low Transaction Fees

It is somewhat commonplace to be bothered about the amount charged on transactions while making a deposit or withdrawing from a betting platform. For a lot of platforms, a sizable amount of the deposit is charged which could easily come in handy for placing bets. Since 1xBit focuses on using crypto alone, you can rest assured to enjoy low transaction fees as that’s the norm with crypto payments.

Broad Range of Football Events

If you are a huge fan of football (soccer), then you will most likely enjoy betting on football on this site as the selection of football betting markets is very robust. You are offered a broad range of events from top leagues to lower division leagues. To top it all, the website provides over 200 betting options per football event available for betting.


Now that you have a clear understanding of what crypto entails, it is time to get started. Sign up with 1xBit today and enjoy the load of packages waiting to be grabbed! Use code XXXXX for a 125% 1st deposit bonus!