Users can create NFTs with the Polygon app from Alethea AI


  • The launch of a new decentralized application has recently been announced by the Polygon blockchain and Alethea AI.
  • On the well-known Layer 2 blockchain Polygon, users may easily create and trade AI NFTs using its CharacterGPT tool.
  • Users can create dynamic, intelligent avatars using CharacterDPT that can serve as their virtual assistants and guides.

The Polygon blockchain and Alethea AI have just announced the debut of a new decentralized application. With this change, users can textually construct their non-fungible avatar tokens, making it easier for AI to produce NFTs.

Users can quickly develop and trade AI NFTs on the well-known Layer 2 blockchain Polygon using its CharacterGPT tool. The application also creates dynamic AI characters from a one-line prompt, going beyond simply creating visuals from the text.

Alethea created a digital likeness of Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwail to promote the release of the new feature. Based on his “writings, public declarations, and interviews,” the 1:1 NFT collectible was produced. 

With CharacterDPT, users may design interactive, intelligent avatars that can work as their virtual assistants and guides. According to the startup, well-known people will utilize it to make digital representations of themselves. AI avatars can also be employed in gaming, metaverses, and on various social networking sites.

The amount of discussion regarding artificial intelligence on the internet has exploded since OpenAI discontinued ChatGPT. Now, it appears that AI will soon be available on Polygon, one of the most well-known blockchains available.

The first month of 2023 is almost through, and Polygon is still the industry leader. We’ve published several stories about brands and businesses picking Polygon as their preferred blockchain only in the last ten days. The most recent headlines are shown here.

First, a South Korean video game firm named Neowiz revealed last week that it had secured $12 million in private finance to support its Intella X Web3 gaming platform. The money will be used to launch Intella X on Polygon soon.

A leading NFT marketplace, Rarible, included Polygon NFT community projects in its marketplace builder program. Now that Polygon projects can construct no-code marketplaces, users can buy and trade NFTs that are only in their collections.

Located at the nexus of two of the most revolutionary technologies of our time, generative AI and blockchain, Alethea AI is a research and development firm. Their goal is to leverage these technologies to make it possible for democratic governance and decentralized ownership of AI.