Polygon MATIC deployed decentralized data marketplace Acentrik as enterprise release


  • Acentrik is now deployed on Polygon Mainnet as part of its enterprise release.
  • The Mercedes-Benz-developed decentralized data marketplace Acentrik will add layers of advantages surrounding data transformation.
  • Acentrik, in its Enterprise Release, will allow enterprises to onboard the platform.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of Polygon Matic, the strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz called Acentrik has been deployed on the Polygon Mainnet. The deployment is done as part of its enterprise release. 

As per the information revealed about Acentrik, it is developed by Mercedes-Benz carrying out the utilization of the Ocean Protocol technology. The project is powered by blockchain technology and is known for enabling data sharing and monetization for enterprises across various domains. 

What adds more to the value of the strategic project Acentrik by Mercedes-Benz is the fact that data jurisdiction is the keystone for Acentrik. The decentralized marketplace facilitates so by keeping the data in the data providers’ selected environment. 

It won’t be wrong to term Acentrik a horizontal technology for a lot of industries as it benefits in data transformation via data assets tokenization and securing access to data on the marketplace. Acentrik is aligned with the vision of the data economy and shaping the future of businesses. 

With the deployment of the Polygon PoS its 1st chain, Acentrik makes sure that the transactions on the blockchain are performed with notably low gas fees. This helps in translating this cost benefit to users as they harness the value of their enterprise data. 

The followers of the Polygon MATIC were excited for the same and addressed that Matic is unstoppable. 

In the Enterprise Release, Acentrik will now hold the potential to allow the enterprises to onboard to the platform with the latest features being available in the latest version. The interested individuals will require to connect with the Polygon team for further collaborations and opportunities.