Decentraland to launch its metaverse city ‘Crystal City’ on Polygon on October 17


  • Decentraland is launching its own Polygon-powered metaverse city on Polygon.
  • The project is evaluated to measure 16 acres.
  • Businesses, artists and creators can now lease space at economical prices.

Decentraland has disclosed its plans of launching a metaverse city, Crystal City, on Polygon. This new city will enable businesses, artists and creators to lease space at economical prices. 

In a press release on October 17, Decentraland confirmed these plans. The metaverse project will measure 16 acres. 

Decentraland has joined Felipe Escudero, an architect from LEDY as well as Decent Amusement, Central Marketplace District’s manager, for the metaverse project. Mark D’Andrea, co-founder of LEDY, said that Crystal City’s design strives on influencing wonder and bringing creativity. The project will be a valuable landmark and will turn into a destination for exploration, social interaction and discovery through new events & experiences. 

A senior executive from Decent Amusements, Rob Dixon, said that they were keen on transforming the Central Marketplace district into something out of this world and both Felipe and LEDY have made it possible. The advanced and usual services will make it a reliable place for creators and companies in terms of establishing their existence in the metaverse. 

The development team has shared that Crystal City will go beyond the restrictions of the modern physical world. Furthermore, the new projects will challenge material properties and gravity in order to provide an immersive and unique experience that’s possible exclusively in the digital world.

Crystal Metaverse City will allow tenants and developers to utilize their imaginations and establish personal fantastical spaces. Also, galleries, host offices, events, highest observation deck and shops in Decentraland. Moreover, creators and retailers will be able to rent spaces in event, towers and marketplace area

Crystal Metaverse City will allow brands to rent open parcels and develop exclusive HQ structures. Based on the announcement, Crystal City will go live at 7 PM EST on October 17.