Degentraland shared a tweet thread revealing the thoughts on the Doodles FUD


  • Degentraland recently shared a quick Twitter thread on the Doodles FUD after he received several concerned DMs from long-time holders.
  • He asked the holders to remain patient but don’t settle for less and demand more.
  • He addressed that Doodle is not the only project facing a backlash as there are RTKFT and Moonbirds on the list too.

In a recently released Twitter thread, Degentraland, the Metaverse connoisseur, revealed that he has remained largely silent in recent months but is sharing his thoughts now as he received concerned DMs from long-time holders asking for his opinion. 

He wanted the users to remain calm and patient and addressed the fact that Doodles is not the only project that is facing a backlash, as there are others, such as RTKFT and Moonbirds. These projects have been prey to FUD too. 

Well, the major difference between those projects’ missteps and Doodles came from the founders’ responses. RTKFT provided some updates during and after the process of mint, and Kevin Rose had long-winded discussions with his community about the possible implications of open IP.

On the contrary, Doodle has remained quiet, and we have seen neither any tweets from them in the month of August nor did we acquire any update regarding the Pharrell album or Space Doodles game. 

This wouldn’t have emerged as a concern considering the bull market scenario. Though the team had very few announcements between SXSW and NFT NYC, the floor did manage to hold strong. However, the criticism amplifies in bear market scenarios, and that’s the time when users get impatient as their portfolios are down significantly. 

Degentraland mentioned that they have the option to choose between several different communities at similar price points during uncertain market scenarios. He also addressed that there are no companies worth a billion dollars without a persistent presence on social media, and this will never move the floor price. 

The holders’ constructive feedback is acknowledged, and a sense of confidence is required to improve operational efficiencies.