Marry in Decentraland! Taco Bell launches a Wedding Chapel in the metaverse


  • Taco Bell is coming up with a virtual space in Decentraland to allow interested couples to marry in a unique way.
  • One couple will be selected for a legal wedding experience in the metaverse.
  • Interested couples can promote their videos on social media platforms using the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest.

A few days back, Today NFT News reported that Taco Bell filed a trademark to offer an online virtual venue for weddings in the metaverse

Now, the food chain is finally launching the Taco Metaverse Wedding Chapel, which is a virtual world in Decentraland.

Of course the venue would be virtual but the ceremonies would look extremely rare.

A contest will be run by the restaurant through September 6. Couples who are looking forward to tying the knot in holy matrimony virtually can submit their applications to Taco Bell. From walking down the aisle to dancing and enjoying the tempting food, everything can be expected from an IRL wedding.

Couples will have the freedom of managing the experience which includes everything from their attire to the venue style. Couples and guests will get unique NFT wearables to celebrate the beautiful moments. A freshly minted wedding certificate NFT will also be given to the couples. 

Taco Bell Chief Brand Officer Sean Tresvant said:

We’re always looking for new ways to meet our fans where they already are and provide them with signature Taco Bell experiences… even when that’s in the metaverse.

The event will be livestreamed so that everyone who doesn’t have access to Decentraland can be a part of the festivities and enjoy them to the fullest. There will be many surprise guests as well; however, there are no details about it as of now.