Decentraland denies low active user rumours on Twitter


  • Decentraland clears up rumours about low active users.
  • DappRadar’s data suggested only 38 active users in 24 hours on the platform.
  • Decentraland confirm those numbers are specific smart contract transactions.

Decentraland addressed rumours about the low number of active users on the platform in a tweet discussing how some websites are confusing specific smart contract transactions for users DAU.

Combating accusations of false active user numbers, Decentraland even shared tracking resource with its Twitter audience. The metaverse suggests DCL Metrics as a trustworthy source for acquiring better data. The DAO grantee tracks Decentraland’s daily visitors while looking at the catalyst server and delivers a similar data point as DAU.

In addition, the Twitter handle confirms its definition of an active user stating that anyone who lgs in and then moves out of a parcel is considered an active user. However, there can be potential discrepancies between DCL Metrics and Foundation data. 

Crypto Twitter has responded positively to this thread of tweets, holding DappRadar accountable for spreading misinformation. One user even writes:

@DappRadar, do you admit your DAU/MAU metrics are flawed and need revision?

That’s a helluva difference between 56K and 510.

According to DappRadar’s report, the Ethereum-based virtual world only has 38 active users in 24 hours. Moreover, the highest number of daily users on the platform as per DappRadar’s data is limited to just 675. However, creative director, Sam Hamilton over at Decentraland was quick to deny these numbers, claiming that on average the virtual world reports 8000 users.

At the same time, the projections for Decentraland’s competitor, Sandbox vary vastly, with 522 active users in 24 hours and an overall daily user login of 4503. Meanwhile, both Decentraland and Sandbox have market caps of about $1.3 billion each.o