Decentraland tweets about what an ‘active user’ means


  • “The metaverse may still be a new place, but it certainly is not a lonely one, “ tweets Decentraland.
  • Dencentraland defines an active user as someone who enters Decentraland and moves out of the initial parcel they entered.
  • The metaverse is working with DappRadar to update their dashboard.

Decentraland posted a series of tweets explaining what “active users” means to them after DappRadar published a low number of active users causing alarm in the web3.0 twitter space.

According to the metaverse, an active user is someone who enters Decentraland and moves out of the initial parcel they entered the world into. 

The Twitter account explained that DappRadar is a metaverse data tracking dashboard that oversees unique active wallet addresses (UAW) interacting with Decentraland’s smart contracts. However, Decentraland clarified that DappRadar’s tool tracking the metaverse’s list of contracts was outdated.

Apparently, DappRadar failed to account for the most usual way users on the platform interact with smart contracts. Meta transactions are the most common on Decentraland. These transactions include activities like purchasing a wearable.

Decentraland features over six thousand wearable transactions every month. Nevertheless, Decentraland has teamed with DappRadar to rectify the data on their dashboard and update the original 13 tracked contracts to currently 3553 to show a more complete analysis moving forward.

In addition, Decentraland also mentioned DCL metrics as a trustworthy source when it comes to the virtual world’s DAU. Created by Decentraland DAO grantees, DAU displayed Decetraland Foundation’s DAU around 8000, with 56,697 MAU, 1,074 users engaging with smart contracts, 1,732 minted emotes and more data shared on Twitter.

Moreover, Decentraland reminded its audience that it is not a company but an open-source DAO and web3.0 metaverse that is owned and governed by those in the community. Hence, the metrics by which people defined the success of a business usually cannot be applied to Decentraland.