Asus releases the NFT platform to connect to Web 3.0


  • Asus, a Taiwanese laptop manufacturer, launched the non-fungible token (NFT) platform on Tuesday to enter the Web 3.O.
  • With a market capitalization of roughly $5.7 billion, Asus is the sixth-largest producer of personal computers worldwide.
  • The “Art Black hole” platform was introduced by Asus Metaverse, a brand-new Web3 firm.

The non-fungible token (NFT) platform was introduced by Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Asus on Tuesday, marking the company’s first foray into the expanding Web 3.0 market.

Asus is the sixth-largest producer of personal computers in the world, with a market capitalization of about $5.7 billion. After introducing an NFT platform, Asus will officially join the Web3 space on October 5th, 2022. Though there are now only a few invited artists who can list their NFTs on Asus’ new NFT marketplace, there are soon to be planning to open a secondary market.

The “Art Black hole” platform was unveiled by Asus’ brand-new Web3 company, Asus Metaverse. Only a small number of artists are now permitted to use the Ethereum-powered NFT platform, according to a statement from a company representative.

Additionally, Art Black hole does not now accept secondary trading, but the laptop manufacturer aims to do so soon, according to the company’s website. The representative said that purchasers may pay in New Taiwan dollars for NFTs.

Joe Hsieh, the company’s chief operating officer, stated that Asus closely monitors the most recent advancements in developing industries and is particularly intrigued by the potential of the Web3 sector.

With the launch of Asus’ new Web3 division, Asus Metaverse comes to the Art Black Hole. To go further into the metaverse, Asus’ new subsidiary aims to combine the company’s cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain capabilities.

Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that makes Apple’s iPhones, entered the metaverse earlier this year by teaming with and investing $100 million in XRSPACE, a company that creates virtual reality (VR) equipment.

Bringing NFTs to its two main platforms, Facebook and Instagram have been a recent goal for Facebook owner Meta Platforms. Users of Facebook and Instagram can now link their wallets and cross-post NFTs to both sites as of September 29.