Yuga Labs launching new Kodas NFT Project in March


  • Kodas NFT is coming in March this year.
  • Yuga Labs are promising about the marvelous experience of Metaverse.
  • The Dookey Dash game by Yuga Labs was launched in January.

Yuga Labs, the parent organization of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, has disclosed plans to unveil the heavily hyped Kodas NFT initiative this year.

Spencer Tucker, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer, mentioned plans to release its upcoming Kodas NFT plan this year after the Second Trip of the Otherside virtual world venture. He stated that “Legends of the Mara,” a forthcoming stand-alone 2D multiverse gaming enterprise in the Otherside, could be Kodas’ non-fungible token.

The year before, information from the Yuga Labs pitch deck was accidentally released, bringing the Kodas NFT proposal to public attention. Despite Yuga Labs’ claim that the pitch deck was outdated, Kodas was a core concern of the Otherside virtual world teaser.

Meanwhile, Yuga’s Kodas NFT project will begin after the second trip of the OtherSide mission, which is expected to start in late March 2023. Yuga Labs reported in December that the metaverse journey will have more gamification and greater power.

Even after the market’s elongated crypto winter, which has resulted in huge failures for many NFT initiatives in recent months, the Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs has stayed overly optimistic on NFTs.

Yuga Labs released a brand-new Dookey Dash NFT game earlier this year. The new Dookey Dash is a thrilling and difficult mini-game platform that permits gamers to win prizes.

Dookey Dash is now accessible to Sewer Pass NFT holders. The game is intended to put players’ abilities and tactics to the test as they explore their dooky identities and try to collect pieces along the way.